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Staff Response to Students Reporting Bullying, Harassment (Including Racist Statements), and/or Threats


Staff response to students reporting experiencing bullying, threats, and/or harassment (including racist statements):

  1. The victim or perpetrator should be removed from the situation as appropriate
    1. Typically a student behaving inappropriately is removed from a situation when their conduct is observed/confirmed by a staff member
    2. Typically when a staff member receives a report from a student of a serious concern (bullying, verbal harassment, discrimination, threats, and/or retaliation related to a previous report), the staff member will support the student in sharing their concern with the site principal, designee, or other program director as appropriate
  2. The incident should be reported to the principal (or other appropriate designee) as soon as possible.
  3. A staff member should escort the student removed from the situation to ensure they are supported in reporting the incident to the principal (or other appropriate designeed) 
  4. The principal (or other appropriate designee) will investigate the concern and arrange corrective actions based on the validity, severity, and/or pervasiveness of the concern.
  5. Corrective actions may include counseling, behavioral intervention and education, and, if the behavior is severe or pervasive as defined in Education Code 48900, may include suspension or expulsion in accordance with district policies and regulations. Additionally, law enforcement may be contacted as appropriate and referrals may be made to the APD Diversion program
  6. The principal or designee will contact the guardians of both the victim and the perpetrator on the day of their investigation to explain the situation and outline resolutions as appropriate. If the investigation is to take multiple days or will not happen the day the incident is reported, the principal or designee will call the family of the victim to share intermediate plans for ensuring student safety until the investigation can be completed and the situation resolved.   
  7. Incidents happening in the after school program or on the school bus will be reported to the appropriate program director and the school site principal. Students may be subject to corrective actions related to multiple programs.
ASD Board of Trustees Approved 12/13/21