January is School Board Recognition Month: Thank you, ASD Board of Trustees!

January is School Board Recognition Month! We would like to thank all local school boards and the county board for their dedication to student achievement and express our deep appreciation for the ASD Board of Trustees. Many thanks to Board President Brian Hudgens, Board Clerk Christine Ng, and trustees Anna KT McClure, Delaney Rice, and John Schmidt for improving access to inclusive, equitable, high-quality education for all our students!

The Arcata School District Board of Trustees has five volunteer members who serve four-year terms and are elected from different trustee areas in the district, with each member residing in their trustee area. They are strong advocates for public education and are responsible for communicating the needs of the school district to the public and the public’s expectations to the district. They believe that all children can be successful learners!

ASD Board Resolution 2324-5, approved at the 1/8/24 board meeting, honors the contributions of county boards of education and local school boards to the academic, social-emotional, physical, and mental health needs of students.

ASD Board of Trustees pictured left to right (with Trustee Rice missing): Board Clerk Christine Ng, Trustee Schmidt, Trustee McClure, Board President Hudgens, and Superintendent Biesecker.